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HTC Desire 816 Official stock Roms (Always updated Flash File Free Download Here

HTC Desire 816 Official stock Roms (Always updated)

HTC Desire 816 Official stock Roms


HTC Desire 816 A5_UL

cidnum: HTC__001 cidnum: HTC__102

cidnum: HTC__203 cidnum: HTC__E11

cidnum: HTC__405 cidnum: HTC__Y13

cidnum: HTC__304 cidnum: HTC__A07

cidnum: HTC__032 cidnum: HTC__J15

cidnum: HTC__016 cidnum: HTC__M27

cidnum: HTC__K18 cidnum: HTC__A48

cidnum: HTC__002

0P9CIMG_A5_UL_K44_DESIRE_SENSE60_HTC_Europe_1.60.4 01.1_Radio_1.101.1102.17.0506_10.20.4149.00L_relea

HTC Desire 816 A5_DWG

cidnum: HTC__38


cidnum: HTC__621 modelid: 0P9C21000​

0P9CIMG_A5_UL_K44_DESIRE_SENSE60_hTC_Asia_TW_1.54. 709.2_Radio_1.101.1102.17.0506_10.20.4149.00L_rele

HTC Desire 816 A5_tl

0P9CIMG_A5_TL_K44_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_HTCCN_CHS_CMCC _2.06.1403.3_Radio_1.101.1161.19.0813

HTC Desire 816 A5_DUG



HTC Desire 816 A5_CHL

RUU_A5_CHL_K44_DESIRE_SENSE60_Sprint_WWE_VM_1.50.6 52.3_Radio_1.46.40.0917_NV_SPCS_0.57_003_release_3 98306_signed_2.exe

HTC Desire 816 A5_DWGL

0P9CIMG_A5_DWGL_K44_DESIRE_SENSE60_HTCCN_CHS_CT_1. 58.1401.11_R_Radio_0.45.60.0807_10.45.60.0807_1_NV _CT_PRI0.78_001_release_388489_combined_signed_2_4 .zip


HTC Desire 816 A5_DUG

0P9CIMG_A5_DUG_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_hTC_Asia_HK_2 .34.708.1_Radio

0P9CIMG_A5_DUG_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_HTC_Europe_2. 34.401.1_Radio_1.13.3230.27.0303_13.19.3230.00D_F_ release_426496_signed

HTC Desire 816 A5_UL

RUU_A5_UL_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_HTC_Europe_2.34.40 1.1_Radio_1.101.111011.20.0123_10.28.4149A.00L_rel ease_426445_signed_2_4.exe

0P9CIMG_A5_UL_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_HTC_Europe_2.3 4.401.2_Radio_1.101.111011.20.0123_10.28.4149A.00L

0P9CIMG_A5_UL_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_hTC_Asia_TW_2. 34.709.2_Radio_1.101.111011.20.0123_10.28.4149A.00

HTC Desire 816 A5_DWG

0P9CIMG_A5_DWG_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_hTC_Asia_Indi a_2.34.720.1_Radio_1.31.50.0215

HTC Desire 816 A5_CHL

RUU_A5_CHL_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_Sprint_WWE_VM_2.3 3.652.2_Radio_1.47.40.0224_NV_SPCS_0.57_003_releas e_428217_signed_2.exe

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