Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to Qmobile B260 Read Code 100% Tested Here

read code done easly



1.Samsung FRP Unlock Added More Models.
2.Samsung Improve Read PIT and Write Flash
3.MTK Add Meta Mode New Method (Support 6595,6732,6735,6795).
4.MTK Improve IMEI Repair In Meta Mode.
5.MTK Improve Network Unlock (6572).
6.MTK EMMC Add Remove Virus (No ADB, No Root).
7.SPD Add SP Unlock (Beta).
8.SPD Improve EMMC Read.
9.Android Add Virus Cleaner (Take Time So Need Wait).

1.SPD Add 7715 EMMC Read,Write, Format Support.
2.SPD Add 7715 EMMC Read Pattern,PhoneBook,.
3.SPD Add 7715 EMMC Read Info,Reset Usercode Support.
4.MTK Add Nokia RM-1133,1136 Read,Write Support.
5.MTK Add Nokia RM-1133,1136 Read Code and format support.
6.CDMA Add Haeir CG550 SP-Unlock Support.
7.MTK Improve EMMC Read.
8.Android Improve Monkey Virus Cleaner.
9. Other Small Problem Fixed.

1.Samsung Add Reset Factory Reset Protection (FRP).
2.Samsung Improve Read PIT.
3.Samsung Improve Write Flash.
4.Samunsung Reboot Download Mode Added.
5.MTK Improve EMMC Read (Save as Scatter File).
6.MTK Improve Read Flash.
7.MTK Improve Format add Advanced Mode.
8.CDMA Improve LAVA-C180 Flash.
9.SPD Add SC6815/7731/30/15/8830 Format (Advanced).
10.SPD Improve SC6815/7731/30/15/8830 Read info.

1.MTK Add EMMC Read Sim Lock Code New Algorithms
2.MTK Add IMEI Add New Algorithms (NEW )(BT)).
3.MTK Add IMEI Add New Method (Factory Mode).
4.MTK Improve MTK EMMC Read (Save as Scatter File).
5.CDMA Add CDMA LAVA-C181 SP-Unlock.
6.CDMA Add CDMA LAVA-CG142J SP-Unlock.
7.CDMA Add CDMA LAVA-C180 SP-Unlock.
8.CDMA Add LAVA-C180 Flash.
9.Fix Software some BUGS.

v2.20 (9th October 2015)
1.MTK Add 6795/6752 EMMC Read Sim Lock Code (World's First).
2.MTK Improve IMEI Method (NEW).
3.MTK Improve 6572/6571 Nand Read Phonebook/Pattern.
4.Android Add  Monkey Virus Cleaner (World First).
5.SPD Improve SC7715 Nand Read Phonebook/Pattern (World's First).
6.Improve Registration Function.
7.Fix Software Some BUGS.
8. CDMA Tab Added.
9. Download Support Improved.

v2.19C (Internal) (7th October 2015)
1.SPD Add SC6815 EMMC Read / Write Support.
2.SPD Add SC6815 EMMC Format, IMEI NV Read/  Write Support.
3.SPD Add SC6815 EMMC Read Phonebook / Pattern.
4.SPD Add SC6815 / 7731 / 30 / 15 / 8830 Reset User Code (World First).
5.MTK Add 6573 / 6575 / 6577 Nand Read Phonebook / Pattern.
6.MTK Add 6573 / 6575 / 6577 Reset User Code (World First).
7.MTK Add MT6795 / 6580 EMMC Read / Write Support.
8.MTK Add MT6795 / 6580 EMMC Format, IMEI.
9.MTK Add MT6795 EMMC Reset Code,Read Pattern.
10.MTK Add New IMEI Method (NEW).
11.MTK Add Android NV Read / Write.
12.CDMA Add ZTE-183 Unlock (World First) in China Box.
13.CDMA Add ZTE-D286 Unlock (World First) in China Box.
14.CDMA Add Haier-C381 Unlock (World First) in China Box.
15.CDMA Add ZTE-S194 Unlock (World First) in China Box.
16.Samsung More More Support Flashing.
17.Server Change.
18.Add Registration Function.
19.Some Internal Algo Updates.
20.GUI and BUG Fix.
21.Connectivity Bug Solved.
22.CDMA TAB Added.
23.Download Support Working.

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