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How to Galaxy note 4 sm-N9100 chinese dual sim repair and flash file Free Download

Galaxy note 4 sm-N9100 chinese dual sim repair and flash file!

Action : Boot Info.

Selected 0-By CPU:MT6571_EMMC

Exe version: NCKDongle AndroidMTK

Reinsert phone battery.

Battery must be charged.

Phone must be off with battery inside.

Please insert USB cable now...

Detected : PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM10)

Phone detected...Please wait

Sending DA agent, please wait...

BaseBand CPU :MT6571_S00

BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF

BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01





NAND: (4Gb+2048Mb) [Micron] NAND_MT29C4G48MAAHBAAKS_5WT


Size: 0x20000000 [0.500 GB]

BlockSize: 4096 SpareSize: 208 BMT Blocks 80

Searching partiton table, wait..

[0]Part: PRELOADER Begin: 0x0 Len: 0x100000

[1]Part: PRO_INFO Begin: 0x100000 Len: 0x100000

[2]Part: NVRAM Begin: 0x200000 Len: 0x300000

[3]Part: PROTECT_F Begin: 0x500000 Len: 0x300000

[4]Part: SECCFG Begin: 0x800000 Len: 0x40000

[5]Part: UBOOT Begin: 0x840000 Len: 0x80000

[6]Part: BOOTIMG Begin: 0x8c0000 Len: 0x600000

[7]Part: RECOVERY Begin: 0xec0000 Len: 0x600000

[8]Part: SEC_RO Begin: 0x14c0000 Len: 0x40000

[9]Part: MISC Begin: 0x1500000 Len: 0xc0000

[10]Part: LOGO Begin: 0x15c0000 Len: 0x100000

[11]Part: EXPDB Begin: 0x16c0000 Len: 0x200000

[12]Part: FAT Begin: 0x18c0000 Len: 0x1400000

[13]Part: ANDROID Begin: 0x2cc0000 Len: 0x10e00000

[14]Part: CACHE Begin: 0x13ac0000 Len: 0x300000

[15]Part: USRDATA Begin: 0x13dc0000 Len: 0xb3c0000

[16]Part: BMTPOOL Begin: 0xffff0038 Len: 0x0

Offset: 0x1f158000 Count: 17

IMEI marker was found in nvram

IMEI[1] from NVRAM: 45f5090d0e1e56a

If this phone have OTP IMEI, this is normal.

IMEI[2] from NVRAM: 45f5090d0e1e56a

If this phone have OTP IMEI, this is normal.

Partition table saved to: Android_MTK\partition_tables\

Wait untill phone will start charging.


Free Download

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