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Alcatel OT-701 UNLOCK 100% ok

Alcatel OT-701 UNLOCK 100% ok
 Alcatel OT-701 UNLOCK 100% ok

i am useing this version
C701X-2ARGFR1_XC18SB20_JRD26_06A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6226_S02.M AUI_06A_W06_52_SP1_V17_2007-10-22_simfree_En_Fr_Es_It_De.B0M
then complete format phone 100 % ok

module v2.70
Device: Alcatel-C701X, C701A
Checking data, wait...
advanced flash detection enabled
Action: "format ffs"
Boot ...
Press and HOLD Power button now !
19200 fixed
Connecting, wait...
Initializing [6226:8A03:8A02]...
CPU: MT6226
chip: 0031:0576:A000
status: 01
boot packet size: 0400
Release Power button now !
Boot Done
Initialize ...
detecting chip #00 in region #00...
flash: 01227E22302200:2BEA0000000000
flash: Amd AMD/Fujitsu std [D 0004x008000 00FEx020000 0004x008000] 32Mb
number of flash chip/regions detected: 01/01
Initialize Done
Set baud ...
Set baud Done
Initialize bootcode ...
Initialize bootcode Done
Check firmware integrity ...
detect device identification#1...
detection phase #1...
detect device identification#1 finished
identification#1 structure: 2nd [enhanced] generation
security area (code #1) is Ok
security area (code #1) backup saved: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\id.0C828 86B.[JRD26_06A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6226_S02.MAUI_06A_W06_52_SP 1_V17.BIN_6DAFF008].rpl
identification#1 detection finished
device-id: 0C82886B
identification#1 protocol ver: 05
ver. sw 1: JRD26_06A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6226_S02.MAUI_06A_W06_52_SP 1_V17.BIN
ver. sw 2: MAUI.06A.W06.52.SP1.V17, F70F5092
ffs offset/size: 01200000/00E00000
detect device identification#2...
detection phase #1...
detect device identification#2 finished
sim-lock status: disabled
Check firmware integrity Done
Check firmware content ...
Check firmware content Done
Backup required data ...
original imei: 35320501055562
flash: 01227E22302200:2BEA0000000000
Backup required data Done
Patch required data ...
Patch required data Done
Special operation ...
Special operation Done
Write ...
Write Done
Finalization ...
flash: 01227E22302200:2BEA0000000000
Finalization Done
file saved: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\Alcatel-C701X,C701A_JRD26_06A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6226_S02.MAUI_0 6A_W06_52_SP1_V17__system_log_0C82886B_6DAFF008_20 090421-011851.B0X.bin
Finished, time used: 175 sec
Remove/Install battery now !

File system has been modified !
It is need to press and HOLD phone "Power" button
during long time (up to 1 min) to make phone Powered-On !

thanks for infinity team
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