Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Xtouch X2 Pin Lock Removed With Merapi TooL Lion Is Always King

Xtouch X2 Pin Lock Removed With Merapi TooL Lion Is Always King

Xtouch X2 Pin Lock Removed With
Merapi TooL
Lion Is Always King


Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable. Connecting... CPU TYPE:MT6582 Hardware version:CA01 Software version:0001 SecCfgVal :0x00000000 BromVersion :0xFF BLVersion :0x01 Boot downloading complete! EMMC_ID:0x11010030303447393010D75C19A531D7 EMMC_PRODUCT_NAME: SAMSUNG :0x303034473930 EMMC_BOOT1_SIZE: 0x00200000 EMMC_BOOT2_SIZE: 0x00200000 EMMC_PRMB_SIZE: 0x00080000 EMMC_GP1_SIZE: 0x00000000 EMMC_GP2_SIZE: 0x00000000 EMMC_GP3_SIZE: 0x00000000 EMMC_GP4_SIZE: 0x00000000 EMMC_USER_SIZE: 0x0EC000000(3.69 G) Analysis of system files... PRELOADER: addr:0x000000 --length:0x600000 MBR: addr:0x600000 --length:0x080000 EBR1: addr:0x680000 --length:0x080000 PRO_INFO: addr:0x700000 --length:0x300000 NVRAM: addr:0xA00000 --length:0x500000 PROTECT_F: addr:0xF00000 --length:0xA00000 PROTECT_S: addr:0x1900000 --length:0xA00000 SECCFG: addr:0x2300000 --length:0x020000 UBOOT: addr:0x2320000 --length:0x060000 BOOTIMG: addr:0x2380000 --length:0x600000 RECOVERY: addr:0x2980000 --length:0x600000 SEC_RO: addr:0x2F80000 --length:0x600000 MISC: addr:0x3580000 --length:0x080000 LOGO: addr:0x3600000 --length:0x300000 EBR2: addr:0x3900000 --length:0x080000 EXPDB: addr:0x3980000 --length:0xA00000 ANDROID: addr:0x4380000 --length:0x2BC00000 CACHE: addr:0x2FF80000 --length:0x7E00000 USRDATA: addr:0x37D80000 --length:0x6BC00000 FAT: addr:0xA3980000 --length:0x47600000 BMTPOOL: addr:0xFFFF00A8 --length:0x000000 Format addr:0x37D80000 --Format length:0x6BC00000 Read phone information success. Check the data complete. >>Successfully reset lock is 1234

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n" name="IL_IN_TAG" value="2"/>
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