Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Update Avengers Box Main Module v1.6 Samsung & Alcatel Free How to Flash

Update Avengers Box Main Module v1.6 Samsung & Alcatel Free How to Flash

Avengers Box Main Module v1.6 Released - Samsung & Alcatel Update - [09/12/2015]

Over 1000+ Alcatel Models Supported and over 12000 + PIDS NEW , HOT HOT to warn you within this cold Winter


Samsung Mobile:


SM-J100H – Direct Unlock/Read Codes SM-N920F – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-N920I – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-N920C – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-N920L – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-N920K – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-N920S – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-G928F – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-G928I – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-G928C – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-G928L – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-G928K – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-G928S – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root. SM-G928X – Direct Unlock/Backup & Restore Backup/ Must Root.

Alcatel Android:

Unlimited Unlock Code Calculation for models:


MTC-970 MTC-975Y MTS-970 MTS-972 OT-4003A OT-4003J OT-4005 OT-4005D OT-4007 OT-4007A OT-4007D OT-4007E OT-4007X OT-4009A OT-4009D OT-4009E OT-4009F OT-4009K OT-4009M OT-4009S OT-4009X OT-4010A OT-4010 ARGENTINA OT-4010D OT-4010E OT-4010X OT-4011 OT-4011X OT-4012 OT-4013D OT-4013E OT-4013J OT-4013K OT-4013M OT-4013X OT-4015A OT-4015D OT-4015N OT-4015T OT-4015X OT-4016 OT-4016A OT-4016D OT-4016X OT-4018A OT-4018D OT-4018E OT-4018F OT-4018M OT-4018X OT-4022D OT-4022X OT-4023A OT-4027A OT-4027D OT-4027N OT-4027X OT-4028A OT-4028E OT-4028J OT-4030A OT-4030D OT-4030E OT-4030X OT-4030Y OT-4032A OT-4032D OT-4032E OT-4032X OT-4033A OT-4033D OT-4033E OT-4033L OT-4033X OT-4035A OT-4035D OT-4035X OT-4035Y OT-4036E OT-4037A OT-4037N OT-4037R OT-4037T OT-4037X OT-4110E OT-4118A OT-4136E OT-4301 OT-5015A OT-5015D OT-5015E OT-5015X OT-5016A OT-5016J OT-5017A OT-5017D OT-5017E OT-5017O OT-5017W OT-5017X OT-5020A OT-5020D OT-5020E OT-5020N OT-5020T OT-5020W OT-5020X OT-5021 OT-5021E OT-5025D OT-5035A OT-5035D OT-5035E OT-5035X OT-5036A OT-5036D OT-5036F OT-5036X OT-5037A OT-5037E OT-5037X OT-5038 OT-5038A OT-5038D OT-5038E OT-5038X OT-5050A OT-5050S OT-5050X OT-5050Y OT-5120 OT-5120A OT-5138E OT-6010 OT-6010A OT-6010D OT-6010X OT-6012A OT-6012D OT-6012E OT-6012X OT-6015X OT-6030A OT-6030D OT-6030N OT-6030X OT-6032A OT-6032X OT-6033 OT-6033A OT-6033M OT-6033Q OT-6033X OT-6034 OT-6034M OT-6034R OT-6034Y OT-6035R OT-6036Y OT-6037B OT-6037K OT-6037Y OT-6040 OT-6040A OT-6040D OT-6040E OT-6040X OT-6043A OT-6043D OT-6050A OT-6050F OT-6050Y OT-6110A OT-7024N OT-7024R OT-7024W OT-7025 OT-7025D OT-7025X OT-7030 OT-7030R OT-7040A OT-7040D OT-7040E OT-7040K OT-7040N OT-7040T OT-7041D OT-7041X OT-7042A OT-7042D OT-7042E OT-7045Y OT-7047A OT-7047D OT-7047E OT-7050Y OT-7055A OT-7147E OT-8000 OT-8000A OT-8000D OT-8008X OT-8030B OT-8030Y OT-9002X OT-9005X OT-908 OT-908A OT-908F OT-908S OT-909 OT-909A OT-909S OT-910 OT-910A OT-916 OT-918 OT-918A OT-918D OT-918N OT-918S OT-918X OT-922X OT-928 OT-928D OT-928R OT-968 OT-970H OT-970X OT-972 OT-972X OT-975 OT-975Y OT-978X OT-980 OT-980A OT-981 OT-981A OT-982X OT-985 OT-985A OT-985D OT-985N OT-985S OT-985X OT-990 OT-990A OT-990M OT-990S OT-990X OT-991 OT-991A OT-991D OT-991S OT-991T OT-991X OT-993 OT-995 OT-996 OT-997 OT-997D OT-997X OT-998 OT-998X OT-A10 OT-A460T OT-A909 OT-A980 OT-A986 OT-A988 OT-A990 OT-A996 OT-A998 OT-AURUS OT-C908 OT-C990 OT-C997 OT-D819 OT-D820X OT-E928 OT-FIRE OT-H900M OT-I215X OT-I216A OT-I216X OT-J300 OT-J330 OT-J610 OT-J920 OT-MOV2 OT-MOV2X OT-MOVE OT-MS3B OT-MS4B OT-P310A OT-P310A-4G OT-P310A-8G OT-P310X OT-P310X-16G OT-P310X-4G OT-P310X-8G OT-P312X OT-P320A OT-P320X OT-P321 OT-P323X OT-P600 OT-P606 OT-S500 OT-S520 OT-S530 OT-S530T OT-S600 OT-S66 OT-S66A OT-S710 OT-S800 OT-S810 OT-S850 OT-S860 OT-S950 OT-S960 OT-Scibe_HD OT-V685 OT-V695 OT-V785 OT-V795 OT-V861 OT-V875 OT-V958 OT-V958X OT-V975 OT-V985N OT-VF1296 OT-W869 OT-Y710 OT-Y900 OT-Y910 VODAFONE SMART 3G

Generic Alcatel:


AMSTERDAM B331 C818 CHAT-655 CHAT-655W CRYSTAL E101FLIP F115 F117 F121 F122 F153 F262 F331 F344 I606 I650 I780 Megafon_TP-DS1 MISSIXTY2 MTC-262 OT-090 OT1009A OT1009X OT1010D OT1010X OT1011A OT1011D OT1011X OT1012X OT1013D OT1013X OT103 OT-103 OT1030A OT1030D OT1030X OT104 OT-104 OT1040X OT1042D OT1042X OT1046D OT1046G OT105 OT-105 OT106 OT108 OT109 OT112 OT113 OT117 OT132 OT140 OT150 OT1801 OT2000X OT2004C OT2010D OT2010G OT2010X OT-2012D OT-2012G OT203 OT203A OT203E OT204 OT205 OT206 OT-2067 OT208 OT209 OT2117A OT213 OT214A OT214W OT214X OT216 OT217 OT217D OT217F OT217X OT222 OT223 OT228 OT228D OT232A OT232X OT233 OT250 OT252 OT255 OT255D OT262 OT268 OT280 OT282 OT292 OT296 OT296F OT297 OT300 OT3000D OT3000G OT3000H OT3001G OT3002G OT3003G OT301 OT3020D OT3020G OT303 OT3035A OT304 OT3040D OT3040G OT3041D OT3041G OT3042G OT305 OT306 OT3075A OT3075M OT308 OT310 OT311 OT312 OT3142G OT315 OT315M OT317D OT318D OT319 OT322 OT332D OT352 OT355 OT355DX OT356 OT358 OT358D OT358G OT360 OT361 OT362 OT363 OT380 OT383 OT385 OT-385DX OT385J OT390 OT455 OT505 OT505K OT506 OT506D OT508 OT510 OT5185 OT540 OT543 OT555 OT565 OT565K OT585 OT585D OT585F OT595 OT595D OT600 OT602 OT602D OT605 OT605D OT606 OT650 OT655 OT655W OT660 OT665 OT668 OT706 OT708 OT710 OT710K OT7110 OT720 OT720D OT720G OT768T OT799 OT800 OT802 OT802Y OT803 OT803D OT806 OT806D OT807 OT808 OT808G OT808M OT809 OT810 OT8107 OT810D OT813 OT813D OT813F OT818 OT818D OT819 OT828 OT838 OT870 OT871A OT875T OT880 OT888 OT90 OT900 OT901 OT902 OT905 OT905D OT907 OT-A382 OT-A382G OT-A392A OT-A392G OTC819D OTDS1D OT-EASYMUSIC OT-F101 OT-I780 OT-I808 OT-I818 OT-I888 OT-I905 OT-M655 OT-T208 OT-T268 OTT66 OT-T66 OT-TEST OT-V555 OT-V575 Q5 S122 S621 S626 SFR115 SFR121 SFR122 SFR262 SFR344 SFR3440 T268 TCL-I606 TCL-I802 TCL-I806 TCL-I806D TCL-I880 TCL-I898 TCL-I900 TCL-I905 TCL-Q3 TCL-T218 TCL-T255 TCL-T355 V570 V607 VM363 VM506 VM560 VM565 VM621I VM800 VODAFONE150 VODAFONE155 VODAFONE250 VODAFONE252 VODAFONE331 VODAFONE331FM VODAFONE345 VODAFONE350 VODAFONE354 VODAFONE355 VODAFONE455 VODAFONE540 VODAFONE541 VODAFONE543 VODAFONE555 VODAFONE575 VODAFONE655 WX160 WX161 WX180 WX181 WX260 WX260C WX265 WX280 WX288 WX290 WX295 WX390 WX395

Alcatel Modems:


X020 X030 X060 X060S X070S X080S X090S X100X X150X X200X X200S X210X X210S X215S X220X S220L X225L X225S X228L X230X Y280X X300X X310X X500X X520X Y800Z Y580D L100 L800 Y800 Y800Z Y855 M800V W800Z

Official Support Website:

Avengers Box

Download Link:


Success Stories By Avengers Box

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Samsung J1 Ace Network Lock Remove Done Just One Click { No Need Any Root Or Other }

Samsung G531h FRP Lock Removed Done

Huawei Y511-U30 Dead Recover Done By Flashing Scatter file With Avengers Box


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